Introducing Campbell’s NEW 1L Real Stock pack with NEW easy-open cap

Campbell’s NEW 1L Real Stock pack is designed to provide you with added convenience.

  1. Your new Real Stock pack is slightly taller & thinner for easier storage.
  2. Your new Real Stock pack now features a NEW one-step EASY-OPEN screw-top lid. This makes opening & pouring of stock content much easier.

Wondering how to open the new pack? Simply, twist the screw-top lid to access the liquid stock. One simple step, that’s all!

When opened, do you notice punctured foil? Or no foil at all? Both are okay and completely normal! When opening your Real Stock pack, the tamper evident tab will break, and the foil seal will be pierced automatically. There’s no need to puncture the foil separately! You may then see punctured foil or no foil at all (as it attaches itself to the top of the pack). Refer to the below image for guidance.

Keep the pack upright when opening! Why? Because the screw cap doesn’t provide a seal once opened.

Wondering if the screw-top cap is recyclable? It sure is (when attached to the carton). Our recommendation is to flatten the pack and then reattach the screw-top cap before disposing.