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How we categorise our “budget friendly” recipes

Campbell’s budget friendly recipes have been developed using minimal ingredients, and common pantry and fridge staples and have been specially costed to be approximately $5 or less per serve.

How we calculate the costs of our $5 per serve recipes

Our “approx $5 per serve” recipes are created and costed by The Arnott’s Group culinary team at the time of recipe development. An average of online prices at the at the time of recipe development from Coles, Woolworths and IGA are used.”


Our cost per serve calculations are based on actual ingredient portion size used in the recipe and the average of standard online prices. Prices may vary by state or store. recipes are first costed based on the quantity of each ingredient used in the recipe. This total cost is then divided by the number of servings indicated in the recipe to calculate the cost per serve.


Optional garnish and common pantry and fridge ingredients are not included in the calculation. Common pantry and fridge staples refers to ingredients that many Australians already have at home and are often cooked with or used as additions to meal. They include:

  • salt and pepper
  • olive oil
  • milk
  • butter

The cost of common pantry and/or fridge staples will be included in recipe costings where it makes up a significant portion of the ingredients and/or is above amounts that may be typically found in consumer households.