Soup shelf-life explained

When’s the expiry on my Campbell’s soup and pasta sauce?


All of Campbell’s canned food including soups and pasta sauces have a shelf life of at least two years.


The Australia and New Zealand Food Standards Code does not require manufacturers to label a food with a ‘best before’ date if the food has a shelf life greater than two years. As such, we do not label our canned soups and pasta sauces with a ‘best before’ date.


Rest assured that our canned food – including soups – are safe and tasty to eat for many years due to the way the food is cooked, right in the can. The soup is filled into steel cans and securely sealed to lock in goodness. The cans are heated under high pressure. This naturally preserves the soup for a long time. That means the can of soup that’s in the back of the pantry is ready to heat and eat whenever you are hungry.


Check out the following link to see how our soups are made:


While we don’t print a best before date on each can, for safety reasons they are labelled with a batch code on the bottom of the can. Super-sleuths can decipher our can codes using the following code breaker.

  • E71 is the establishment number. It is allocated by the government
  • 2T8 = Represents the date of manufacture
    • 2 = month (in this case February)
      • We use 1 – 9 for January to Sept and then we change to A, B, C for Oct, Nov and Dec.
  • T = day of month using the alphabet (in this case 20th)
      • Day of the month will sometimes have a symbol instead of a letter
  • 8 = the year (in this case 2018)
  • CCC = is a three-letter code representing variety
  • 0759 = Time soup was made
  • B = line soup is made on


  • While our cans of soup and pasta sauce are made of strong, recyclable steel, we recommend that you never use a can that appears swollen, leaky or is damaged, dented or rusty.